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I had been wanting to get fitter and lose weight for a few months but hadn’t found the right place or the confidence to join a gym until I saw the ‘12 week Summer Slim Down Program’ advertised at Sandbach Health & Fitness last April. It was a 12 week program combining nutritional advice with gym sessions, a personal gym program plus 3 classes a week. It sounded like the perfect introduction to fitness that I’d been looking for.

Prior to joining Sandbach Health and Fitness I hadn’t been to a gym since before having my two children (9 years previous) When my first son was 6 months old I was in a bad accident. This left me with some injuries that had put me off wanting to do anything that may cause me any more issues with my knee and pelvis but the knowledgeable staff assured me that my tailored program would be fine to follow. And it was! After the 12 week program I had enjoyed the progress I’d made so much that I joined the gym.

When I first joined the program I was concerned about being too unfit to be able to complete a fitness class and so began by just attending the gym until I built up the confidence to join in with the classes. The staff have been friendly and encouraging from the start and once I started attending the classes I saw that the classes were actually designed for all levels of fitness and the staff are always on hand to help.

I’ve found that by being consistent with my work outs that I have actually strengthened my knee and core and now don’t have any pain whereas before I had significant pain and discomfort.

So far I’ve Lost 2 stone and % body fat. I feel fitter, healthier, have more energy, sleep better. I don’t get regular headaches anymore. I’m also more confident with food choices and don’t feel the need to ‘diet’.

I have found there’s a great choice of times of classes and I attend 3 x classes a week and try to visit the gym around 2 times a week. A free tailored gym program is included in your membership so I make sure that I ask for this to be updated around every 6 weeks. This helps to keep me motivated and achieving results. I just wish I’d joined sooner!


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