Taking Positive Step Towards A Healthy Lifestyle…

What was your fitness/workout background before you joined us?

In my early days I played a tremendous amount of Football at a good standard and actively took part in other sports ranging from running to golf to boxing. In latter years I have coached youth football at Sandbach, so sport has always played a key part in my life.

Any reservations before joining? Anything you had to overcome? Why you wanted to make a change.
In late 2017 I was diagnosed with Thyroid failure (a small but vital organ that controls your metabolism and organ function) The result being that my weight had ballooned to over 17.5 stone/100kgs and I was quite unwell. It took a while for the doctor to control my condition and allow me to exercise again. Walking through the big door of the gym (which was fully utilised!) was another massive step towards being healthy and fit once more. I needn’t have worried as the welcome and support at Sandbach fitness was amazing!

Changes / transformations, progress so far. How you feel / look.
Several vital changes were required in order to return to a reasonable level of fitness and good health. Weight loss, better diet and improved fitness were key to reducing some critical functions such as my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Having a lifetime condition needed a different course of action and management. Whilst most recognise the significant weight loss (over 2 stone/ 14 KGs) I have also achieved other significant medical improvements & benefits.

What is your weekly workout schedule like?
I have a very competitive nature so push myself every week and will train hard 5 times per week or more if my wife allows me too! I have had multiple programmes set by the team at the gym and get lots of encouragement to push myself and to do the best I can.

Any specific results. i.e.. weight loss, muscle gain etc.
Initially my goal was very much about weight loss and improving my stamina. I started at a very low base and would get breathless putting my shoes on! Last week I took part in an MMA class for the first time in many years and loved every painful minute of it. My goals therefore are no longer about getting a six pack (that dream is well and truly over) but being fit, being able to enjoy training and about challenging myself. If my clothes fit or I can buy slighter smaller waisted trousers then I’m happy!

How has Sandbach Health and Fitness helped you?

I have been a member at the gym now for just over a year. From day one Dan and the team have been very supportive and have taken personal care to help me build back my confidence to be able to train and to enjoy exercise again. Whether its advice on how to use a piece of equipment, a new programme or a bit of mentoring/ encouragement then its there for you. I have been a member a of a few gyms in my time but I can honestly say the way you are supported and looked after by Sandbach fitness is second to none.


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